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Rules & Regulations


The rights of the video must belong to the contestant.


Male and Female of age 18 years and above are allowed to participate.


Contestants can use both drones and hand held video cameras to participate while keeping in mind that the focus should be on Aerial videography.


All contestants must fill in the participation/registration form online. The organizers will get in touch and schedule the time and day for each participant.


360 Mall visitor’s faces should not be clear in the videos and recognizable.


360 Mall has the right to reuse/publish all videos in any form they see fit while keeping the videographer rights.


All video should be 60 seconds long and of high quality, minimum of Full HD 1080P.


Contestants should submit their videos on the official site of the contest after uploading it to WeTranfer and include the link in the form.


Each contestant has the right to participate with more than one video.


It is not permitted to submit any videos that has been published prior to the start of the contest.


The videos must not contain any Logos and/or signatures and /or names and/or frames and/or any other marks and/or date, timing and/or markings added by the contestants.


The Organizing Committee and the Referees Committee shall have the right to exclude any contestant’s video without a prior notice to the contestant.


The contestant is committed to respecting laws and ethics, general ethical, legal and moral, so that does not affect the privacy of any person or class or range.

Wining Prizes

1st: 1000KD

2nd: 750KD

3rd: 500KD

A possible KD 5,000 contract to shoot 360 MALL videos up for grabs.

Process of Participation

Please go through the following to get yourself
familiarized with the process of participation.


Read the rules and regulations

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations fully before signing up for the contest, Rules and Regulations


Read the Videography Brief

Videos will only qualify if it portrays what was asked for you to capture in the video brief. Please make sure that you have carefully read the video brief and that you are aware of what has to be filmed. Download Video Brief.


Sign Up

May 8th to May 17th 2018. Please fill in all the required information on our Sign up page.


Schedule Video Shooting

May 18th to 24th 2018.
Each participant will get a time slot and a day to shoot his/her videos.


Start Shooting

May 25th to July 4th 2018.
Sky is the limit, show us what you have got, Be Creative.


Upload the Videos

Deadline July 18th, 2018
Sumbit your Entries (Link will active on the date of video shooting)


Judging the Entries

July 22nd to 25th, 2018
Videos will be judged by 360 Mall Management and a panel of 3 renowned directors from Kuwait.


Prize Distribution

To be Announced Soon
Venue will be disclosed to the top 20 contestants.

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